Educational packet for institutions - A Zest for Life

street in El Carmen, Peru, with Lalo Izquierdo holding quijada de burro

Afro-Peruvians are a little-known but fascinatng part of the African diaspora. This documentary looks at their culture through performance, interviews, and a narration, benefiting especially from participation by the multi-talented Lalo Izquierdo. The documentary is evergreen, good for Africana Studies, Ethnic Studies, Latino Studies, Ethnomusicology, Anthropology, and Music & Dance.

· the 57 min. documentary (with extras)
AND (in digital format)
· Classroom Supplements (19 pgs. with info. about Afro-Peruvians, Latin jazz, further reading, etc.)
· large poster

"...satisfying ... good educational tool...." Anthropology Review (Troy Bedford)

"...a must-have for educational libraries...." Video Librarian (J. Zimmerman)

"...Lalo so compelling you just might jump up and join in!" Deidre Towers, former curator, Dance on Camera Festival

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